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Reconnecting with your Authentic Self


A gentle approach to ease your pain and suffering

The Authentic Self radiates innate wisdom, healing, and wholeness. It is our source of loving energy that heals all dis-ease in our bodies, minds, and spirits. Some aspects of your Authentic Self include compassion, clarity, confidence, courage, patience, persistence, perspective, playfulness, gratitude, and most importantly, curiosity. My intention, with profound curiosity, is to help you reconnect to your Authentic Self and rediscover the answers already within you, which may help ease your pain and suffering.

When we are burdened by depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, fear, doubt, or insecurity, our ability to connect to the Authentic Self may become blocked. My focus in therapy is to help remove those blocks that are hindering you from accessing your Authentic Self.

My gentle approach focuses on Internal Family Systems and includes EMDR, Mindfulness/Meditation, Addiction Recovery, Health at Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, Spirituality, Art/Expressive Therapies, and SoulCollage.

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Help you find the inner peace, strength, joy, and wisdom of your Authentic Self so you may live a life of ease.

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