Fierce Self-Compassion Book Study


16-week book study of Fierce Self-Compassion (2021), by Kristin Neff for women.

Monday Nights: 7:00 – 8:15pm EST from January 8, 2024 – April 22, 2024.


I am hosting a 16-week book study of Fierce Self-Compassion (2021), by Kristin Neff for women. It will run on Monday Nights from 7-8:15pm EST from January 8, 2024 – April 22, 2024. This course costs $350 for 16 weeks. For more information, registration, and inquiry about discounts or scholarships, click on the link (insert link here).

Kristen Neff changed how we talk about self-care with her enormously popular first book, Self-Compassion (2011).  Now, 10 years and many studies later, she expands her body of work to explore a brand new take on self-compassion (2021). Although kindness and self – acceptance allow us to be with ourselves as we are, in our glorious imperfection, the desire to alleviate suffering at the heart of this mindset is not always gentle. Sometimes it is fierce! We must also act courageously in order to protect ourselves from harm and injustice, say no to others so we can meet our own needs, and motivate necessary change in ourselves and society. Gender roles demand that women be soft and nurturing, not angry or powerful. But like yin and yang, the energies of Fierce and tender self-compassion must be balanced for wholeness and well-being. Women must reclaim fierceness in order to create a healthier society and find lasting happiness


  1. Intro and overview of book; establishing Brave Space; Introduction: Caring Force, Self Compassion Scale (page 13).
  2. Fundamentals of Self Compassion,
  3. Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion (Tender and Fierce)
  4. Gender and Self Compassion
  5. Angry Women
  6. The Caring Force of Anger
  7. #Me, too!
  8. Holding Ourselves Tenderly (Love, Connection, Presence)
  9. Coping with Pain
  10. Standing Strong (Bravery, Empowerment, Clarity, Boundaries)
  11. Meeting Our Needs (Fulfillment, Balance, Authenticity,
  12. Becoming Our Best Selves
  13. Balance and Equality at Work
  14. Caring for Others without Losing Ourselves
  15. What we do for love
  16. Becoming a Compassionate Mess; Conclusion

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